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BAHEAL PHARM and Sinohealth Introduce Solutions to Precision Marketing


BAHEAL PHARM and Sinohealth reached consensus during the 10th CPEO meeting and the two parties are going to work together to promote wide application of the “Spiegel Marketing Cloud” in the pharmaceutical marketing industry and provide more premium precision marketing services for both up- and downstream enterprises of the pharmaceutical sector. This cooperation has been widely noted and recognized by pharmaceutical retailers participating in the meeting.


Big data-based smart solutions are highly praised in the surge of “Internet + Medicine”. Traditional means of services are already unable to meet customer needs in medicine-related fields and the “big data” and “Internet+” have become the most important measure to facilitate transformation and upgrade of the medical industry. By mining and applying large number of data, big data presents products and user personas needed by the industry, which is helpful to the supply of more precise solutions.


The “Spiegel Smart Marketing Cloud” introduced by BAHEAL PHARM is the very product of the “Internet + Medicine” age that is based on the application technology of Internet and focuses on precision pharmaceutical marketing to promote upgrade of the pharmaceutical industry as well as an awakening market that focuses on demand.


Building the Blueprint: Precision Marketing Promotes Development of Pharmaceutical Retail Industry


According to LI Qiang, GM of the Cloud Business of Oracle China, marketing today is not about “selling products” only but more of effective marketing on the basis of precise user personas to maintain successful communication and interaction with customers in the most effective way. Oracle has been working toward this direction for a long time. Its smart marketing platform, driven by big data and based on the interaction and feedback in user behaviors, is doing nothing but keep studying and improving the services to meet the needs of the users for brand construction and marketing upgrade.


LI Qiang also pointed out that the “Spiegel Marketing Cloud” is an integrated marketing platform based on the full customer life cycle. During the entire life cycle of the customers, marketing services will be available in phases such as customer acquisition, conversion and expansion, etc., by means of various marketing techniques, e.g., DMP, big data, digital capture of online activities, smart recommendations, offline customer loyalty management, etc., to reach the goals of full-channel automatic marketing, big data precise marketing as well as online and offline customized marketing to provide the users with a full life cycle of management and complete services.


“Following the advancement of medical reform, the progresses in zero difference in prices as well as the separation of medical costs from drugs, and so on, are also moving on and the retail market has become a more and more popular battlefield. The future of China’s pharmaceutical retail market will not be driven by capitals only but more by stronger management driven by technology to fulfill upgrade of the entire industry. The ‘Spiegel Smart Marketing Cloud’, as an IT-based platform, brings customers from online to offline and helps the retailers to manage customers more effectively, which represents the demand of the market in the future,” said Chairman Fu Gang of BAHEAL PHARM.


According to WU Han, President of Sinohealth, a leading player in China’s Greater Health full-industry data management and business application, Sinohealth will make use of its strong data management ability to integrate industrial platform resources to coordinate the efficient landing of the “Spiegel Marketing Cloud”. In the selection of points for the layout of DTP pharmacies, for instance, it will use and analyze big data to identify optimal points for pharmaceutical retailers to select from so as to provide more precise marketing services. “Possibly 65% of the drugs may be supplied at retail terminals in the future as long as the present policies are carried out effectively. In the context of the opportunities for a substantial increase in the scale of the retail market in the future, retailers will be in greater need of precision marketing services,” said WU Han.


Win-win Cooperation: Making Joint Efforts to Facilitate the “New Retail” Pharmaceutical Reform


The “Spiegel Smart Marketing Cloud” is of great significance. As a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry of China, BAHEAL PHARM has been seeking more exploration and innovation. The present win-win cooperation with Sinohealth is the cornerstone for the successful progress of the layout of the entire medical industry.


Known as the “Accenture” of the pharmaceutical industry, Sinohealth has been engaged in studies on information of the industry. As a leader in China’s Greater Health industry-wide data management and business application, it has established databases derived from multiple scenarios around all segments of the hospitals, pharmacies and patients and conduct management, analysis and mining of big data by developing smart system through advanced technologies. It even stands at the height of the industry to extend various business scenarios for the application of data to the health domain. For the cooperation, it will give performance to its own advantages to provide consulting implementation services for upstream industrial enterprises and support for downstream retail terminals.


In the surge of the Internet, pharmaceutical informatization is an inevitable trend for future development. It is for the realization of this that BAHEAL PHARM has entered into cooperation consecutively with many leading IT companies, including IBM and Oracle, etc., in the world to drive forward the development of “Internet + Medicine” in China.


“Good technologies and platforms shouldn’t be used by someone only. Waste of resources due to redundant construction will not be avoided unless they are shared across the industry. Technology facilitates industry synergy and we work together to seek development,” said Fu Gang. Other brands of BAHEAL PHARM will be shared in the same way in the future and all pharmaceutical enterprises will be united for common development and prosperity of the pharmaceutical retail industry.