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Focus on the NCP &/en/038; CPPCC of Qingdao | President Fu Gang of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group offers advices and suggestions for "Healthy Qingdao"


On January 9 - 14, the 2nd session of the 16th Qingdao People's Congress was held in the People's Hall of Qingdao. Shouldering the trust of the Qingdao people, the deputies to the Qingdao People's Congress from all walks of life in Qingdao attended the meeting to fulfill the sacred duties conferred by the Constitution and laws. As a deputy to the Qingdao People's Congress, President Fu Gang of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, centering on the spirit of the government work report, spoke glowingly of the feeling in participating in the congress combining the industry trends and development of the BAHEAL and practicably proposed the suggestions of initiating the prescription information sharing platform for medical institutions in Qingdao, which was highly valued by the medical and health authorities of the government and attracted wide concern.


       Opening Ceremony


At the opening ceremony, Mayor Meng Fanli made a report on the work of the government to the Congress. He said that endeavoring to make the people enjoy a higher level of medical services shall be taken as one of the goals in 2018. "Implement the Action for Healthy Qingdao 2030" to provide all-dimensional and full-cycle health services.
       As one of the representatives of entrepreneurs, Fu Gang said: "Health services need long-term planning and cannot be accomplished in one step." To achieve a healthy Qingdao 2030, we need to start from several aspects: First, we need to establish a complete and sustainable medical service system starting from the prevention. A complete layout is needed from prevention to early diagnosis, to timely treatment, and then to the rehabilitation after the treatment; Second, in the process of the complete layout of the medical service system, the training for the professional echelon of doctors and medical staff constitutes a very important part, and there shall be adequate personnel training systems; Finally, Qingdao healthy big data shall be subject to rapid development to achieve that data for everyone is available and doctors are available for every family, to digitalize the health management to form a digital medical service system that is universal, has complete records and is manageable and to establish a health management system that is scientific and the most efficient."
       Initiate regional prescription information sharing platform in Qingdao and promote the implementation of medical reform policy
       It is stated in the government work report that we will continue to deepen the reform of public hospitals, improve the modern hospital management system, regulate the construction of medical associations and promote the graded medical services. In response, Fu Gang said that it is necessary to initiate the construction of prescription information sharing platform for medical institutions in Qingdao, completely get rid of the compensation system for the medical cost through drug-selling profits, promote the separation of medical services from drugs and achieve the outflow of prescription information. At present, the prescription information sharing platform launched by the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology has been successfully implemented in various regions of Wuzhou of Guangxi Province, which has become a national demonstration project. The China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce also takes the platform as the successful case in implementing the Key Tasks of the State Council in Deepening the Reform of Medical and Health System in 2016 and promoting the separation of medical services from drugs. It is recommended to promote and replicate the platform across the country.
       Fu Gang proposed to initiate the construction of regional prescription information sharing platform in Qingdao, eliminate the compensation system for the medical cost through drug-selling profits in the medical institutions in Qingdao, ease such problems facing the public as expensiveness and difficulty in the medical visits, enhance patients' experience of purchasing drugs in retail pharmacies or through other channels and promote the implementation of medical reform policies. Suggestions are as follows: The first is to initiate the pilot project of prescription information sharing platform. Jointly led by the Qingdao Health and Family Planning Commission, Qingdao Food and Drug Administration and Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the prescription sharing platform with hospitals as the core of construction may be established taking the three hospitals in trial implementation of "Two-Invoice System" including the Qingdao Municipal Hospital as the pilot hospitals and some social pharmacies as the participating pilot pharmacies; The second is to establish the authenticity tracing mechanism of prescription information through prescription information sharing platform, enhance the prescription authenticity management level of pharmacies and promote the pharmaceutical service level and at the same time explore the standards and basis for further carrying out graded management of pharmacies; The third is to open the reimbursement for the social account of drug and social insurance for chronic diseases in pilot pharmacies so as to provide a guarantee for the reimbursement for the drugs purchased by the patients with chronic diseases; The fourth is to specify the work division of the participating department and units, systemize the business logic, clarify the sections for supervision and detail the operation plan during the implementation of pilot project to provide complete reference scheme for carrying out prescription sharing in the region; The fifth is that, upon completion of the pilot project, the Qingdao Health and Family Planning Commission, Qingdao Food and Drug Administration and Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shall jointly take the lead and participate in the joint construction of the drug prescription information sharing platform in municipal regions together with the medical institutions under regional control and the social pharmacies under standardized management within the region, to develop an informatization platform that realizes the interconnection and real-time sharing of prescription information of medical institutions throughout Qingdao, medical insurance settlement information and drug retail sales information; The sixth is to establish the cost control mode of medical insurance "Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) for Chronic Diseases" under the condition of steady operation of the regional prescription sharing platform so as to provide means for the patients with chronic diseases to save drug costs and for the social insurance to reasonably control the expenses.
       Vigorously develop the medical applications of artificial intelligence
       "Internet + Health Care" is mentioned in the government work report. In response, Fu Gang proposed to vigorously develop the medical applications of artificial intelligence. He believes that, with the development of IT technology, artificial intelligence will be more and more widely used in medical industry, which shall promote the continuous improvement of medical service level in Qingdao.
       In 2018, artificial intelligence will play a breakthrough role in the medical industry. Take BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group as an example, it has introduced IBM Watson so far, which plays an important role in decision support of cancer treatment and interpretation of gene sequencing data. For the next step, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group will also conduct a comprehensive layout in terms of image decision support and major disease screening.
       At present, nearly 50 Tertiary A hospitals in China have started to set up BAHEAL Watson multidisciplinary consultation centers with BAHEAL. The Qingdao Municipal Medical Group and the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College are the first two. At the same time, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group is building a smart hospital model in the Great Health Industrial Park in Shibei District. Fu Gang believes that the intelligent application of the medical industry in Qingdao has come to the forefront of the country.
       All the media of Qingdao expressed strong attention to the suggestions proposed by Fu Gang. During the interval of the sessions, many media conducted special interviews on Fu Gang and the development of the BAHEAL. As of press time, the reports by the Blue Eye of Qingdao TV, Qingdao Radio, Qilu Evening News, Qingdao Evening News, Qingdao News and Phoenix Qingdao have been successively published and the reports of other media will be due later.




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