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The BAHEAL Intelligent Technology and the TopGene reach a strategic cooperation and genetic sequencing embraces artificial intelligence and enters the "Youth" era


On January 9, the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology, a subsidiary of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, formally signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing with TopGene. Both parties will integrate resources and effectively promote the landing and development of Watson for Genomics (Watson Gene Solutions, hereinafter referred to as WfG) in China so as to boost the presence of the WfG in all the cities covered by the TopGene. With the reach of the cooperation between the two parties, it also means that WfG will speed up entering the cancer treatment system in China and further promote the process of industrialization of precision medicine of cancers in China.


Ms. Wang Biquan, CMO of the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology and Mr. Sun Gang, co-founder of TopGene co-jointly attended the signing ceremony and made excellent sharing on the practical application of genetic sequencing in the domestic market, including such problems as the significance of the "Artificial Intelligence + Gene" in improving the accuracy of clinical medical treatment and increasing the precision of cancer treatment.


The BAHEAL Intelligent Technology and the TopGene officially signed


Warm policies promote the integration of AI and gene and the genetic sequencing welcomes new space for development
       As a new gene detection technology, genetic sequencing allows the detection of DNA by blood and other fluids or cells. At present, genetic sequencing has undergone four generations of innovation and development, reaching the level of wide clinical application in terms of cost, flux level and accuracy. With the popularity of genetic sequencing in clinical practice, the national policies have gradually been inclined to it. In May 2017, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Biotechnology Innovation" was issued to speed up the development of biotechnology and biotechnology industry and to achieve overall "abreast running" and partial "leading" in 2020. It is mentioned to develop a new generation of genetic sequencing technology and focus on the application of single-molecule technology in it and the analysis and interpretation of sequencing data. In addition, the State Council also released the "Development Plan for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence" in July last year, pointing out to carry out large-scale genomic identification, proteomics, metabonomics and other studies and the development of new drugs based on artificial intelligence. Those favorable policies greatly promote the combination of AI with gene industry.


As a company that specializes in the genetic sequencing for female cancers including breast cancer and ovarian cancer. TopGene has always been adhering to the corporate culture of taking patients as the center and improving human health as its own responsibility, and striving to promote the clinical application of precision medicine with the mode of overall service of "Gene + Referral", combination of "Research + Clinical Application" and "Gene + Cell "dual-engine drive, and thus drive the rapid development of science and technology in the field of genes and cells.


Sun Gang, co-founder of TopGene, pointed out: "Genetic sequencing technology and precision data analysis are two major elements that help achieve accurate medical treatment for cancer patients. Their combination can help look for the targeted drugs or other treatments applicable to the diseases of patients while effectively improving the medication efficiency for cancers. This time, our cooperation with the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology on WfG solution may effectively help realize more accurate medical treatment for cancer patients. “


Artificial intelligence breaks the bottleneck in the development of genetic sequencing and WfG helps promote the industrialization of precision medicine in China


Although genetic sequencing has reached the level of wide clinical application, the data computing is still its biggest bottleneck. The amount of data involved in genomes is terabyte in size, which poses a challenge for many data scientists to realize the smooth and timely transfer and sharing of such data among different users. Often, whole genome analysis can take weeks, which is too long for many clinical medical services, so it is necessary to speed up clinical or outpatient genome analysis.


At this stage, genetic sequencing can indeed obtain more mutation testing results with clinical enforceability and is more conducive to assist doctors in the clinical precision treatment of cancer, but it also requires more powerful manual analysis support. The occurrence and development of most tumors are accompanied by many variations of multiple genes. There are nearly 500 cancer-related genes carried by the human body and there are nearly 10 million expressions of gene variations. It is understood that the world's top non-artificial intelligence genetic sequencing company can identify a maximum number of types of genetic variation of not more than 100,000, which also requires a lot of time. Due to the uneven level of interpretation staff and the lack of gene data banks, it is inevitable to have omission in the process of interpretation. Therefore, the precision treatment of cancer requires an accurate intelligent decision-making assistant with no omission.


The birth of the WfG based on artificial intelligence technology has offered the possibility of realizing the large-scale application of precision medicine for cancer patients. WfG can extract in scale the required information from both structured and unstructured sources in a short period of time and further conduct machine learning. At the same time, WfG can understand and read specific variations and pathological situation of tumors, rebuild the knowledge base and identify potential treatment regimen to help physicians save energy and time and make precise treatment decisions.


Currently, the WfG solution can support all currently known tumor types, including but not limited to common solid tumors such as lung cancer and breast cancer, the hematological neoplasm such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and tumors with unknown primary lesion or rare tumors. At the same time, WfG has established cooperative associations with the expert teams from 14 top cancer centers and independent medical laboratories to facilitate a more standardized clinical interpretation. As a top cancer research institute, the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center carried out a comprehensive assessment study on WfG. For the 1018 enrolled patients, after the targeted whole exome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, WfG completed the clinical interpretation for each case of patient within 3 minutes; The interpretation included not only the interpretation by the center's expert group, but also the additional discovery of eight targeted therapeutic genes. The patients with potential benefits accounted for 32% (323/1018 cases).


Wang Biquan, CMO of the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology, pointed out: "We are honored to have reached this strategic cooperation with TopGene. In recent years, the rapid development of genetic sequencing market shows us the urgent demand for individualized medical treatment. Therefore, we brought the WfG, the most mature in the field of cognitive medical services, to China, and will work with the TopGene to equip the gene detection with artificial intelligence and jointly promote the landing and application of the solution of precision medicine.


As the main body of Internet Application Ecosystem of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology is committed to improving health with science and technology. This cooperation with TopGene is another important step to accelerate the comprehensive landing of WfG in China after the company reached cooperation with the BerryGenomics in last September. Also, it means that the application scenarios of cognitive medical solutions will be further widened and the industrialization process of the precision treatment for cancers in China will also be once again accelerated.