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President Fu Gang of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group was awarded "Healthy China · Top Ten People in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2017"


On December 29, the 10th Healthy China (2017) Forum, co-hosted by the People's Daily Online and the Health Times, was held in Beijing. Chen Zhili, former State Councilor and Vice Chairman of the 11th NPC Standing Committee, Yang Zhenwu, President of People's Daily, Lu Xinning, Vice President of People's Daily, Wang Longde, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, Yu Qingchu, Chief Editor of the People's Daily Online, Meng Xianli, Chief Editor of the Health Times, Fan Daiming, Vice President of China Academy of Engineering, Yu Mengsun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhan Qimin, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other industry elites in the health and medical field came together and held heated discussions on major issues of concern to the national strategy of Healthy China after the 19th National People's Congress including medical reform, medicine policy, prevention and control of chronic diseases, health city, aged care industry and health management, etc.


Mr. Fu Gang, President of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group


At the grand ceremony of Healthy China held at the same period as the Forum, as the pioneer of technological innovation and reform in the medical industry of China, President Fu Gang of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group was invited to attend the ceremony and awarded the "Healthy China Top Ten People in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2017" for his exploratory innovations in the field of scientific innovation of medical industry of China and precision marketing of medicines.


2017 witnessed the profound change in the life style of Chinese people brought about by technology and business, including artificial Intelligence, sharing economy, knowledge payment and cashless society, among which, artificial intelligence undoubtedly becomes the most popular one currently. Especially in the medical field, artificial intelligence has become a new type of clinician assistant and a new generation of impetus for medical innovations.


In the practice of "Artificial Intelligence + Medical Service", as a pioneer in the technological innovation and transformation of medical industry of China, under the leadership of Fu Gang, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group has realized the intelligent transformation through in-depth cooperation with advanced international companies such as IBM, Oracle and Philips. In the meantime, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group introduced the two artificial intelligence technology-based oncology solutions (Watson for Oncology and Watson for Genomics) through its strategic cooperation with the IBM, making it possible for the cancer patients in China to access the top cancer therapeutic regimen without the trouble of long-distance travel; BAHEAL Pharmaceutical also worked with the Oracle to create a management platform for the precision marketing of pharmaceuticals - "Spiegel Smart Marketing Cloud", realizing the interaction among three parties including brand owners, pharmacies and patients and precision marketing through intelligent marketing tools. In the cooperation with the Philips, the two parties started from the field of oncology to explore innovative business models, enabling that the Nebula Workstation, an imaging-assisted diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence technology by the Philips, can provide decision support to physicians through the cloud interconnection so as to provide personalized precise diagnosis services for patients.


While introducing the latest informationized and intelligent technology to the medical industry, the BAHEAL Intelligent Technology subordinate to BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group has also actively implemented the national medical reform policy of "Separation of Medical Service and Drugs and Outflow of Prescriptions" and self developed the Prescription Information Sharing Platform-YFZ, which has been firstly implemented in the Wuzhou of Guangxi, comprehensively eliminated the compensation system for the medical cost through drug-selling profits and truly started the separation of medical services from pharmaceuticals in China.


BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group is an enterprise with both the most investment in IT and the best understanding of IT in the industry. BAHEAL created the "Three-End, Two-Cloud and One-Platform" with the support of IT, providing intelligent solutions for the governments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, doctors and patients. In the future, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group will continue its intensive work in the comprehensive health industry, providing more leading intelligent tools for the industry, driving the efficiency of overall medical system and contributing to realizing the development strategy of healthy China.


Group Photos of the Winning Guests