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[Media Report] Qingdao Daily---BAHEAL PHARMA (Qingdao BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.): Devoted to Improving Health through Science and Technology


BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group (BPG) once again become the focus of Qingdao Daily today, with an article entitled “BAHEAL PHARMA: Devoted to Improving Health through Science and Technology” published in the special column of “Conversion from Old to New Kinetic Energies in Qingdao and Highlights across Top 10 Industries” on the second page of the daily newspaper.


Read on for complete coverage of the report.
       ZHAO Bo Journalist with Qingdao Daily/Qingdao Outllook/


Five generic drug projects of BAHEAL PHARMA, a manufacturer of high-end generic drugs under BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group (BPG) in China, have obtained support from Special Programs of the State for Major New Drugs in the 13th Five-year Planning Period recently and the company has become one of the Chinese companies engaged in the manufacturing of generic drugs on the international arena. It is the only pharmaceutical company in our city of which a project has ever succeeded in the selection.


As a leading platform in China for innovation and integration of resources of the health industry, BPG provides optimized solutions for all segments of the massive health industrial chain through its Global Brand Ecosystem, Intelligent Application Ecosystem, Medical Service Ecosystem and Investment Ecosystem. In the recent two years, particularly, BAHEAL PHARMA has established a Health Industrial Park of over 1,000 Mu to push forward conversion of old to new kinetic energies; with AI as the point to make breakthrough, it accelerates the promotion of the transformation and upgrade thereof from a product-based enterprise to a platform-oriented company and has become a pioneer in the conversion of old kinetic energies to new ones.


Working with Philips and IBM to Provide Precise Diagnosis and Treatment Services for Patients


The year 2017 was called the first year of global artificial intelligence application. BAHEAL PHARMA follows this trend, with its BAHEAL Intelligent Technology, a leading entity of BPG’s Intelligent Application Ecosystem, devoted to improving health through science and technology, working with Philips, IBM and Oracle, among other leading competitors of the industry on the international arena in establishing “three portals, two clouds and one platform” and, by combining its advantages in products, taking a lead in developing the B-SMART-D Platform. It is the only comprehensive solution in the Chinese market at present that presents a complete collection of top artificial intelligence in the world for medical purposes and, by integrating and developing the most advanced AI tools to empower medical services, help the doctors to be smart ones and parallel to diagnostic and treatment technologies of first-class in and out of China.


The combination of imaging equipment with AI technology not only enables the earliest possible identification of the niduses by the doctors and more accurate diagnosis and staging of cancers but also makes surgical operations more precise, safer and more effective with it as a means to guide a targeted therapy for the disease. It is said that, under conventional treatment model, the patient with cancer often obtains advice from expert of a single department each time and those patients suffering relatively complex diseases often have to visit a number of departments or hospitals and undergo repeated examinations and diagnoses. The advent of IBM Watson reduces the number of such visits or visits to hospitals in first-tier or second-tier cities or even abroad. In the future, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology will communicate directly with doctors and patients while it continues to deepen the cooperation with hospitals. “Smart Doctor’s Studios have been established in Shanghai, Nanjing and Qingdao and doctors can lead their patients to the studio for an examination by Watson,” said a person in charge.


Working together with Oracle to Improve Precise Medical Marketing
       LI Qin, CEO of BAHEAL Intelligent Technology, said, “The arrival of the era of intelligence is changing and reshaping corporate and consumer behaviors. With technological changes and innovations, more and more companies are using big data to serve precise marketing and the single and stereotyped conventional marketing pattern of offline drugstore is no longer able to meet the needs of the development of modern marketing.” The problems in great need of solutions are how to make use of user profiles to increase sales of products of branded pharmaceutical companies, how to improve operating efficiency of drugstores by means of IT-based management tools and how to provide precise intelligent services to patients.


On August 14, 2017, BPG and Oracle made a joint announcement that BAHEAL Intelligent Technology would work with Oracle’s marketing cloud to build up Spiegel Intelligent Marketing Cloud, a marketing management platform in BAHEAL’s ecosystem, to further improve BPG’s Intelligent Application Ecosystem and focus on precise medical marketing. It is said that “Spiegel Intelligent Marketing Cloud” enjoys core competencies in four aspects, i.e., full channels, precision, customization and cloud integration. Based on Oracle’s big data intelligent marketing tools and through automatic big data management and optimization of customers’ personal data, it helps chain drugstores, branded pharmaceutical companies and e-commerce platforms understand and manage customers comprehensively, finally achieving precise marketing and conversion of the customers to assets.


“The future of the retail pharmaceutical market in China needs to be driven not only by capital but, more importantly, by stronger ability for management motivated by technology in order to fulfill upgrade of the entire industry,” said LI Qin. From the point of view of the development of the industry, “Spiegel Intelligent Marketing Cloud” brings customers from online to offline through IT and helps the retailers to manage customers more effectively, which is exactly the need of the market in the future.


Cracking the Practice of Hospitals Funding Their Operations with Profits from Overpriced Drugs and Establishing Prescription Information Sharing Platform
       BPG President SONG Qing said, “Interconnection and real-time sharing of information on prescriptions of medical institutions, information on MIS settlement as well as information on drug retail and consumption has become an important means to implement the policy of “Separation of Clinic from Pharmacy”. The establishment of a real-time sharing platform will effectively crack the outdated mechanism of hospitals funding their operations with profits from overpriced drugs and improve regulation on authenticity and properness of prescriptions, providing grounds for verifying authenticity of prescriptions in efforts to create “regional health data centers”, support “online order and drugstore pickup” and “online order and drugstore delivery”, and build up the MIS cost control model of “pharmacy benefit management for chronic diseases”, etc. In November 2017, BPG’s YFZ became the first complete and professional Prescription Information Sharing Platform (PISP) that could be successfully enforced and copied.


According to SONG Qing, a doctor issues the prescription according to need of the patient during the face-to-face consultation and submits it to pharmacist of the hospital for review, which, after being approved, can be uploaded directly to the PISP, which shall send the prescription information to the patient immediately in form of SMS so that the patient can choose freely to buy the drugs offline at any drugstore under the platform. The drugstore shall verify the prescription information of relevant patient, prints the prescription and completes sales of the drugs. As an important way to practice “Separation of Clinic from Pharmacy” and to crack the policy of “Hospitals Funding Their Operations with Profits from Overpriced Drugs”, PISP makes further exploration in detaching outpatient pharmacy from medical institutions for complete separation of clinic from pharmacy and for a changed drug circulation structure.


Developing “Health+” and Building up A Health Industrial Park of over 1,000 Mu
       “A new Health Industrial Park focused on health, medical service and elderly care industries will be established in Shibei District in an area covering around 1,300 Mu enclosed by Tanghe Road, Qingdao-Ji’nan Railway, north of Gushan (Isolated Mountain) and the Changsha Road under planning on the basis of BPG’s excellent brand and superiorities in platform resources, to provide citizens with medical services, health management services, health and elderly care services, nutritional product industrial services, Bodhi Cloud information as well as health big data services,” said a person in charge in Shibei District. A non-profit Tertiary Grade A general hospital is planned to be built in the Park to provide integrated services of medicine, teaching, scientific research, prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation. It will not only be a hospital but also a medical college and a platform for training high-end medical professionals. In the future, the Industrial Park will make innovations and breakthroughs in Internet-based hospital management, remote diagnosis and treatment, intelligent wearable medical equipment, medical e-commerce, smart health management and health big data, among others, and form an industrial cluster area for high-end intelligent factors such as medical services, headquarters office work, medical R&D, innovation incubation, etc., to fulfill concentration of medical and health industries as well as medical experts and talents and thus to facilitate transformation and upgrade of the Park from conventional industrial warehouse industry to medical and health industry and create a new benchmark for regional conversion of old to new kinetic energies.


According to BPG Chairman of the board FU Gang, BPG plans to establish a health and elderly care center in the Health Industrial Park to provide integrated medical and elderly care services, with the first phase in a scale of 30,000 m2 and auxiliary industries, such as professional rehabilitation institutions, recreation parks, colleges for the elderly, sport facilities, fitness culture institutions, among others, to be made available. A first-class medical and elderly care center will be created with due consideration of the services and functions of hospitals newly established in the area.