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AI “Embraces” Genetic Technology! BAHEAL Intelligent Technology and VCANBIO Enters into Strategic Cooperation for Joint Efforts to Push Forward the Development of Precise Treatment of Cancers


On April 8, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology under BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group (BPG) and VCANBIO GENE under VCANBIO CELL & GENE ENGINEERING CORP., LTD. (VCANBIO) entered into a cooperation agreement in Beijing and both parties will integrate superior resources and engage in intensive cooperation in precise treatment of cancers. BAHEAL Intelligent Technology will provide Watson for Genomics (hereinafter referred to as “WfG”) system for VCANBIO, providing strong support for the expansion of the scope for the application of DNA sequencing products and the improvement of diagnosis and treatment of cancers, among others.


Mr. WANG Tingwei, Assistant GM and Director of Business Development and Ms. REN Yanping, Director of Marketing of BAHEAL Intelligent Technology as well as Dr. LI Tong’en, Vice GM, Mr. LI Changjun, Director of Marketing, and Mr. JIANG Jipeng, Deputy Director of Sales of VCANBIO Gene attended the signing ceremony and exchanged their views intensively on cooperation in the future.


Constant development of DNA sequencing in recent years has resulted in new breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, particularly cancers, and from a perspective of the present stage, it can indeed enable acquisition of more results from detection for mutations that can be clinically intervened, which is more conducive to supporting the doctors to perform precise treatment of cancers. Precise treatment of cancers, therefore, needs a more accurate and all-inclusive intelligent assistant for decision making.


The WfG system, which is based on AI technology, makes large-scale application of precise treatment for patients with cancers possible. As a cognitive computing system developed by IBM for the medical field, WfG is used in clinical annotation and interpretation after DNA sequencing for cancers. It can read sequencing data on NGS and help the doctors identify the genes that cause cancers and possible treatment protocols.


As a main entity in BPG’s Intelligent Application Ecosystem, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology provides complete solutions to the application of IT in the medical industry and works to improve health through science and technology. According to Mr. WANG Tingwei, Assistant GM and Director of Business Development of BAHEAL Intelligent Technology, wide application of DNA sequencing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers has promoted the rapid development of precise medicine while the AI-based WfG will help DNA sequencing access a new level to provide even more effective solutions for precise diagnosis and treatment of cancers as well as lasting services for both the doctors and the patients. He said he was pleased that a strategic cooperation could be entered into with VCANBIO and that BAHEAL Intelligent Technology was full of confidence in the cooperation between the two parties in the future.


Dr. LI Tong’en, Vice GM of VCANBIO Gene, also presented a brief introduction of VCANBIO and its development in the field of genetic technology. He said that VCANBIO Gene, as an important business segment under VCANBIO CELL & GENE ENGINEERING CORP., LTD., a listed company in China engaged in life sciences, has been devoted to providing full-range DNA sequence analysis and genetic information interpretation services to medical institutions and the general public. This cooperation, with advantages of the two parties to complement with each other, will also provide strong support for VCANBIO to expand the scope of application of genetic products, develop more business opportunities and promote development of intelligent medicine of the company in the future.


The two parties also discussed the practical application of DNA sequencing in the domestic market, clinical application of WfG system and planning for cooperation between the two parties in the future, and so on, during the talk.


The signing of the cooperation agreement will accelerate VCANBIO’s development in DNA sequencing. Meanwhile, VCANBIO will further deepen its cooperation with BAHEAL Intelligent Technology and give full play to the functions and roles of WfG system for joint efforts to facilitate vigorous growth of the genetic industry and the landing of precision medicine in China.


Photo of Attendees of the Meeting