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BAHEAL Intelligent Technology Provides Assistance for Chinese Intelligent Medicine Association of Chinese Medical Doctors Association


May 5 witnessed the founding of the Chinese Intelligent Medicine Association of Chinese Medical Doctors Association (CMDA) in Beijing, with presence of LIU Wenxian, Deputy Director-general of the Planning and Information Department under National Health Commission of China; President ZHANG Yanling of Chinese Medical Doctors Association; YOU Zheng, Vice President and member of the Standing CPC Committee at Tsinghua University; Professor Lawrence, Vice President of Duke University in the United States; DONG Jiahong, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering; and BPG Chairman FU Gang, among others.




It is known that the Chinese Intelligent Medicine Association (herein “CIMA”) of Chinese Medical Doctors Association will be committed to three major tasks, firstly, training and developing multidisciplinary talents for intelligent medical; secondly, formulating standards and norms for the intelligent medical industry and providing academic backup in the formulation of policies for the development of the national intelligent medical system; and thirdly, pushing forward the R&D, introduction and application of new intelligent medical technologies. DONG Jiahong, academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Executive President of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital took the office of the first CIMA Chairman and BPG Chairman FU Gang, among other business representatives who have engaged in pioneering practice and achieved excellent results in the development of intelligent medical, was among the Vice Chairmen of CIMA.


President ZHANG Yanling and Chairman DONG Jiahong Awarding Letters of Appointment to Vice Chairman FU Gang, among Others


CMDA President ZHANG Yanling pointed out that, in the future, CIMA will work towards establishing the platform for study, exchange and cooperation of intelligent medical technologies, enhancing efforts to build up the teams of medical professionals and making post-graduation training an important part of CIMA’s work. Intelligent medical, as a developing discipline, is still not standard enough and needs improvement in standards as well as the rules and regulations. CIMA will assist governments and CDMA in formulating industry standards, work guidance and related industry policies. It will also engage in domestic and international academic exchange.


“We are in a time of big data, and artificial intelligence and big data technology are gradually being applied in the medical and health field. Intelligent medical is rising. It will be an important part of the efforts to practice the Healthy China Strategy,” said DONG, the first CIMA Chairman. Integrating “Internet+”, big data, artificial intelligence and other frontier technological applications, intelligent medical is of great realistic significance in properly optimizing the distribution of health and medical resources, improving the quality, efficiency and profit of medical services, improving people’s awareness of the results and trying to fulfill the ambition of a Healthy China as soon as possible. After its founding, CIMA will focus its efforts on building up a platform that combines the hospitals, the research institutions and the businesses and tracking hot issues such as the artificial intelligence and its application, big data, cloud computing, mobile medical, IOT, integration of medicine and industry as well as commercialization of scientific results, application of new technologies and industrial driving force, creation of the medical industry and policy ecosystem, and so on. In the future, CIMA will endeavor to improve the Health Documentation Regional Medical Information System (HDRMIS) and, by means of the most advanced IOT technology, establish the intelligent hospital system, regional healthcare system and family health system, among others, to achieve interactions between the patients and doctors, medical institutions as well as medical equipment for intelligent and information-based medicine.


CIMA Vice Chairman, BPG President FU Gang said, “We are now in an era characterized by rapidly developing science and technology and ever increasing standard of and demand for health among the general public. The development of medical artificial intelligence market in China is still in its beginning. From the perspective of the three essential factors, namely, the algorithm, data and application, of artificial intelligence, a major bottleneck in the development of intelligent medical in China is the tagging of data, which is harder to achieve any breakthrough for most beginners lack an intensive background in the medical industry. As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, therefore, practical medical scenarios must be understood and medical artificial intelligence of an application level will not be fulfilled without knowledge of the problems and pain points in such scenarios. Bearing in mind the mission to push forward the development of intelligent medical in China, CIMA will work towards the three major tasks and make joint efforts to facilitate the growth of intelligent medical in China and to make tomorrow even better.” BAHEAL Intelligent Technology will continue to improve the platform for the combination of the hospitals, the research institutions and the businesses; work actively to facilitate CIMA’s multifaceted jobs in talents, new technologies and industry standard, among others, in the domain of intelligent medical; effectively utilize the experience of the company in the intelligent medical practice in the latest years; and, based on the needs of the medical industry itself, with consideration of the industry reality and by giving play to the industrial synergy, enable more standard accessibility of intelligent medical and make it serve the Chinese people rapidly.