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BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group Works with Oracle to Lead Innovation in Intelligent Marketing Experience


The future is coming and those who master “intelligence” win the world. Emerging technologies, such as big data, IOT and artificial intelligence, among others, are pushing forward the upgrade of business models and customer experience in all sectors. As a rising industry across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry also faces changes. From adjuvant therapies to medical imaging and from drug R&D to health management, the scenarios for the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field are increasingly diversified. As one of the navigators in IT-based medicine in China, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group (BPG) is playing a leading role in the new trends across the drug retail and wholesale industry.


In the afternoon of May 10, Oracle held the “Oracle Cloudworld to BAHEAL” activity with BPG and China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce (CAPC). LI Hanzhang, Oracle’s Global Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Oracle China; PAN Jiejun, Oracle Vice President and Managing Director of Application Software of Oracle China; XIE Peng, Oracle Vice President and Managing Director of Technical Consulting of Oracle China; FU Gang, BPG Chairman; SONG Qing, BPG President; and LI Qin, CEO of BAHEAL Intelligent Technology had wonderful communication with the guests. The activity also attracted senior management of a large number of companies in the pharmaceutical industry and points of sale to BAHEAL for a joint discussion on the development of IT and intelligence technology in the industry.


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At BAHEAL’s intelligent pharmacies, face recognition technology enables automatic retrieval of information and shopping record of the members, making marketing well targeted; and by accessing BAHEAL’s intelligent cloud platform, the patients can benefit from first-class diagnosis and treatment services at home and abroad without the trouble of long trip. All this will not do without the empowerment and support from cloud computing. BPG chooses to work with Oracle, the strong player, to map out automatic marketing and create the process for integrated financial and operational management and control with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, and to accelerate intelligent control of the group with Oracle HCM Cloud.


Based on Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle NetSuite ERP, BPG introduced “BAHEAL’s Spiegel Marketing Cloud”, which is open to all distributors and POS stores, empowering the entire system from the top to the bottom in marketing, expanding and management strategies. A full set of support in terms of process is available to stores as long as they are connected to the Spiegel Cloud, by virtue of which, they can make profits rapidly.


Oracle Marketing Cloud is a data-driven marketing technology platform for optimized customer experience and income growth, providing businesses and marketers with automated, precise and tailored marketing solutions. By creating the experience of zero distance with the customers, it combines channels, contents, social media and data management for a complete process for the transformation from potential customers to business orders, enabling the marketer to fulfill the perfect transition from CMO to CGO. By incorporating its own operational concepts, BAHEAL has accomplished a full-range promotion in automated marketing, big data management and customer experience on the basis of the Oracle Eloqua, Oracle BlueKai and Oracle Maxymiser modules of Oracle Marketing Cloud.


In respect of precise operation, the Spiegel Cloud is able to conduct effective integration for large-size businesses and their complex data to facilitate the fast digital marketing in an era of cloud. Through effective full-channel communication with consumers, the Spiegel Cloud can help branded pharmaceutical companies increase sales of drugs and provide the patients with tailored diagnosis and treatment services as well as drugs, motivating improved services across the entire medical service industry while creating commercial value.


Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP provides assistance in achieving new improvement in BAHEAL’s cloud-based models and a new approach to integrated management and business expansion of the Group: with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, BPG unites the data of its own stores and those of its partners on the same platform for uniform financial and operational management. Moreover, the functions of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, i.e., the inventory reminding and automatic switching of purchase and sales documents, help improve management of BAHEAL’s stores and provide a full range of guarantee for BAHEAL’s data assets with leading encryption technology in the world.


Focused on the strategic arrangement of the Group, in the meantime, BGP chooses to deploy Oracle’s HCM Cloud, which, based on the need for Group management, enables BPG to establish its digital HR platform for complete realization of multi-dimension Group management and control, including intelligent online training, global payroll management, management of employee performance and objectives, management of talent inventory and core management positions, among others.


BPG President SONG Qing said that the cooperation between BAHEAL and Oracle will play a leading role in a brand-new change across the pharmaceutical industry. “Oracle is a leading competitor in global business cloud application and boasts well-developed products, advanced technologies and excellent talents. With its own mature industrial background and forward-looking studies on IT, BAHEAL hopes to grow into a model across the industry to, in combination with Oracle’s powerful cloud technologies, inject endless force into efforts for milestone and intelligence-based development of the pharmaceutical retail industry,” said SONG Qing.


“Oracle has always been devoted to offering the most advanced cloud technologies to its customers, developing great insights into each part of the chains in and out of the companies and providing powerful driving force for enterprises in their development. Innovating for people, Oracle and BPG have jointly opened up a new time of pharmaceutical marketing and a new experience of pharmaceutical retail. We are expecting that, on the present day of super fusion across the entire ecosystem, cloud technology may enable further fusion of the ecosystem and accomplish greater innovative value,” said PAN Jiejun, Oracle Vice President and Managing Director of Application Software of Oracle China.


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