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BAHEAL Intelligent Technology was Granted the “Intelligent Medical · Top 10 Innovative Companies” Award


During the time when the 2nd World Intelligence Conference · Intelligent Health and Medical Forum was going on, the awarding ceremony of “2018 National Intelligent Medical Contest” organized by MD Weekly under the guidance of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning was held at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on May 18, 2018. BAHEAL Intelligent Technology of BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group (BPG) was granted the “Intelligent medical · Top 10 Innovative Companies” Award for the remarkable contribution it made to the development of healthcare in China through its active exploration in the industry by realizing the in-depth cross-disciplinary fusion of technology and medicine with internationally advanced intelligent technologies.


With the progress of society, the increased size of hospitals and improved information technology, Strengthening the application of IT in hospitals is an important guarantee for improving of hospital management and facilitating the development of major disciplines and comprehensive construction of the hospitals. In this context, MD Weekly together with coordinating institutions launched the “National Intelligent medical Contest” under the guidance of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning in order to select hospitals and medical departments with best practice in intelligent medical and IT application as well as companies having made outstanding contribution in such fields, and to constantly improve medical services and effect, reinforce the building up of IT work team and strengthen the comprehensive competencies of the hospitals by motivating better exchange of valuable experience and advanced technologies.


It is known that a total of over 60 hospitals/institutions, medical departments and related companies had signed up for the contest and the Evaluation Committee, after nearly a month’s multi-dimension assessment, selected 10 “Intelligent medical · Top 10 Excellent Hospitals/Institutions”, 10 “Intelligent medical · Top 10 Excellent Medical Departments” and 10 “Intelligent medical · Top 10 Excellent Innovative Companies”, together with a “Special Excellent Hospital/Institution Award” and a “Special Excellent Medical Department Award”.


“Intelligent medical· Top 10 Excellent Innovative Companies” were assessed mainly in respect of the transformation of medical service patterns, the guidance for technical reform in government-funded hospitals and the erection of interconnected resource platforms, among others. With an insightful knowledge of the relatively low IT application ratio in Chinese hospitals, unavailable data sharing among hospitals, difficulty in enforcing and facilitating hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and in optimizing medical resources, among other pain points and difficulties, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology has established Bodhi Health Cloud Platform to enable sharing of data among medical institutions, increase hospital efficiency and improve the quality of services for patients; following further reform of the medical system in China, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology launched the patient-centered YFZ - a Prescription Information Sharing Platform, an IT-based platform for real-time information sharing which, on the basis of the practical needs in the medical and pharmaceutical reform, aims to achieve interconnection and communication of information on prescription of medical institutions, information on MIS settlement and information on sales of drugs with joint efforts from hospitals, the Health and Family Planning Commissions, the drug regulation authorities, social security and other departments as well as private drugstores; BAHEAL Intelligent Technology has also established the BSmartD Platform to introduce various state-of-the-art, application-level AI products, including IBM’s Watson, Philips’ artificial imaging, among others, with intelligent tools assist doctors in decision making. As a leading player in the new IT-based medical services in China, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology has been making constant efforts towards application of SaaS software, outflow of HIS and intelligence-based decision making, which empowers the entire medical and health industry.


With continued effort for R&D, application and development in the medical and health domain, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology is moving on along the way to intelligent medical, pushing forward the development of China’s Intelligent medical and making joint efforts for a better future!


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